We Provide Professional Networking Service

Altomni Corp. is a high tech software and professional service company, founded on Aug 21, 2014 in California. The company leverages cutting edge software technologies to build a proprietary professional network: APN (Apn yet another Professional Network), which will provide premium professional networking service to hiring companies, each individual user who is looking for jobs and referrers who have friends looking for jobs.

Recruiter Login

Cloud Computing

Provides shared resources and data on demand from anywhere

Big Data and Machine Learning

Meet the demand of massive data processing, improve the accuracy of retrieving matched results

Android&iOS Programming Applications

Developed to allow users access to our system from any device and terminal

APN Software Features

APN: a professional network as well as a SaaS platform, which utilizes Big Data techniques, including: Hadoop stack, Spark and HAWQ; and Machine Learning Algorithm, including Clustering and Classification. Big Data techniques can meet the demand of massive data processing, and achieve a high performance system by making use of batch processing, stream processing and multi-dimension query. Machine learning algorithms could improve the accuracy of retrieving matched results and increase the efficiency of the system.

Product Highlights

  • Trusted Connections

  • Credible Referral

  • First-hand Position Information Sharing

  • Intelligent parsing and matching

  • Convenient Communication

  • Earn Referral Bonus


APN is an assistant which helps friends, alumni to find job openings through our professional social network.


APN advocates job seeking and talent acquisition process via reliable and credible referrals among your most trusted friends


Altomni provides a community for job seekers and hiring managers to share the first-hand job information and initiate effective communication.

APN System Design

APN system addresses three challenges: reliability, scalability and intelligence. APN System has these components:

  • Storage: Hadoop HDFS, local FileSystem

  • Computing: Hadoop MapReduce, Spark, Storm

  • Data Set: HBase, MySQL

  • Development: MapReduce, DAG

Build Reliable Connection

Allow users to select reliable and trusted friends from contact book and add them into the connections; provide a valuable and professional network.

Share First-Hand Position Information

Enable users to share first-hand positions with friends in the network; allow friends(job seekers) to reach out to other friends or hiring managers.

Win-Win-Win Offers

Users can get job easier via friend’s referral through APN, and are allowed to get referral bonus from referrals.
 Hiring manager can find candidates more quickly.